GeoAir acquired its first turboprop

GeoAir last August acquired a Cessna 441 Conquest II. Our new flagship aircraft has a flight performance than almost any other turbo propeller has. Enrollment, with the XB-GEO plate has two large holes specially modified by Avcon in the US. That allows us to fly with two sensors simultaneously, for example with a LiDAR and large format camera. The advantage of this Conquest II is the approximate range of 8 hours and its range of 4,000 km. Additionally it has a modification of turbines (dash 10) WestStar in the US that allows us to ascend with a vertical speed of 2,500 ft per minute, fly at a maximum speed of 300 knots and reach a ceiling of 35,000 ft. These technical data are fantastic especially when we fly in areas with very harsh weather conditions as in Central America, the Caribbean and South America. With this high-performance aircraft it is possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean and operate virtually anywhere in the world.

Posted on noviembre 1, 2016 in News

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